2021 Leadership Candidates

I’ve been a WCR member since 2018 and have made so many great connections, gained life-changing leadership skills, and have discovered a passion in myself that I didn’t know that I had.  The time that I’ve spent serving on project teams, committees, and the executive board have instilled a sense of pride for our local chapter.  I’m running for President-Elect because I want to continue the legacy that the past women leaders worked so hard to create.   I want to encourage and empower other women to develop their leadership skills.  And, I want to lead with passion and make everyone who attends our events feel welcomed and inspired.

My focus this year as the 2020 Events Director has been to bring value to our membership.  What an honor it was to have the fabulous national speaker, Marki Lemmons, kick off our first event.  It was also a pleasure to bring Leigh Brown and Carl Carter, Jr. to our local membership.  This year has been an exciting and challenging year for planning events.  I’m proud of the live and virtual events that our board has been able to organize this year.  We were also able to raise money and make donations for several charity partners.

I feel like I’d be a great fit for the 2021 President-Elect because of my involvement in our network since I became a member.  I’ve put in the time learning, serving, volunteering, and have a passion for this organization.  I’d really appreciate your vote and the opportunity to show our membership the passion and ideas that I have to grow our network.

Thanks for your trust and consideration!

  • 2018 Became a WCR member
  • 2018 Community Service Project Team
  • 2018 National WCR President Visit Project Team
  • 2019 Secretary
  • 2019 Golf project team
  • 2020 Events Director
  • 2020 Golf project team and charity partner volunteer liaison
  • 2020 Volunteering Experience:
  • Nebraska RPAC statewide donation drive
  • Nebraska Realty Kindness Crew Committee Member
  • Brush Up Omaha

Since the day I joined Women’s Council of Realtors I truly feel you get out of it what you put in.  I was that awkward didn’t know any one person for the first several events and then I joined the Spring Event team.  I also joined the Ways and Means team and getting to know other members in a smaller setting is what did the trick for me.  Ever since then I like to be involved and volunteer any way I can.  Serving on the board during COVID was a weird time and I’m looking forward to volunteering my time in a new role as Treasurer.  My background is in banking and finance, and I know previous Treasurers would help and guide me in the new role.

  • 2020 WCR Membership Director
  • 2019 WCR Spring Event Chair
  • 2019 WCR Scholarship Winner
  • 2018 WCR Spring Event Team
  • 2018/2019/2020 WCR Golf Event Team
  • 2017/2018 WCR Ways and Means Project Team Member
  • 2018-Current OABR Affiliates Treasurer

I would like to announce that I am running for the Women’s Council Treasurer position and I would appreciate your vote. I feel I am very qualified for the position and this is why:

My accounting background started in 1980 working as an accounting clerk. I opened my own business in 1983 and performed all the accounting and tax preparation for that business for 17 years. I then worked as a bookkeeper for two small businesses for 13 years before transitioning to the Real Estate field in 2012 and have performed the bookkeeping duties in QuickBooks for my LLC since then.

I have served Women’s Council as a program director in 2018, worked on the scholarship team and the spring event team.

I have been a member of Women’s Council since 2014 and enjoy this organization very much. I appreciate all the members I have met and look forward to meeting many more. My goal is to serve Women’s Council to the best of my ability, to help this organization thrive for many years to come.

Thank you for your consideration!!